Windows have been installed the same way for many years. Current installation methods are awkward and inefficient, robbing companies of time, money and resources. 

Introducing; ROPA, Two-Part Window Systems.

ROPA is a revolutionary, time-saving system for installing windows, guaranteeing a perfectly sealed, professional finish every time.



ROPA Two-Part Window System is a pre-fabricated, easy to install, two-part interlocking window system. It incorporates an ‘Enviro-seal’ which secures against the frame upon installation, isolating against drafts, dust and noise.

ROPA is a fast and simple method for installing windows, streamlining the workload for all trades. 

ROPA reduces unnecessary dust, mess and waste, leading to safer work sites.

ROPA enables builders to have their tradespeople move into and out of work sites quicker and more efficiently, reducing build times and greatly increasing output, all the while guaranteeing a consistent, high quality professional finish. 


Save time and save money with ROPA Two-Part Window Systems.




These images illustrate some of the common issues with the current method of window installation.

Some common issues with current window installation method.

water damaged
poor joins
dirty reveal
holes requiring putty
water damaged reveal
plaster on reveal
gap between architrave and plaster
nail holes in reveal
damaged reveal
windows left on dirt onsite
poor workmanship on architrave
damaged reveal
plaster on reveal
water damaged reveal
water damage
water damage
multiple holes in architrave
trade damage
plaster over reveal
poor fit
plaster trade damage
plaster on reveal
damaged reveal
damaged reveal
plaster on reveal
plaster on reveal


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